2012 Program

Maine Team 2012

Amanda Crawford-Staub, Maine Team Outreach Coordinator

Amanda is from Quakertown Pennsylvania but adores her city life as a student at Boston University. She is all about social justice and thrives on connecting with other people. The threat that climate change poses to the global community she loves so much is what compels her to work with Climate Summer. In the next few months she is excited to create a purposeful dialogue about a more sustainable world and of course…sweat a lot! When she is not on her bike chasing a better future, you can find her jamming to mash-ups, running, and obsessively brushing her teeth. To laughs, adventure, and movement building! Climate Summer 2012!

Kristin Jackson, Maine Team New Media Coordinator

Kristin grew up on the rocky coasts of Maine, spending her summers swimming, sailing, and playing on the beach. From a young age she grew to love the outdoors, and her passion eventually inspired her to pursue a degree in environmental studies. She is chasing this dream at Brown University, where she is currently a rising senior and member of the varsity swim team. She now recognizes the fragility of the ecosystems she considers home, and feels a moral obligation to protect and respect the natural world, along with its fellow inhabitants. She is excited to be a part of the Maine Team this summer, where she can get a taste of being an activist while making a difference in the communities she grew up in.

Laura Lea Rubino, Maine Team Program Coordinator

Laura Lea, born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, is a rising senior studying Human Development and Environmental Studies at Eckerd College. Laura Lea has a strong passion for life and finds happiness in books, yoga, running, learning, friends and family, travel, and the outdoors. Laura Lea became inspired to make her mark on the environmental movement after participating in the Keystone XL Pipeline protest in Washington D.C. last fall. Her awareness of the grave situation our world faces paired with her appreciation for the mountains, valleys, oceans, and rivers she has spent time in all around the world drove her to join the Climate Summer team in 2012. She is ready to take part in bringing about a better future for the earth that she knows, loves, and is lucky to call home.

Lilyanna Landon, Maine Team Video Coordinator

Lilyanna is a rising sophomore at SUNY Fredonia studying Drawing and Painting, and Environmental Science. She enjoys long walks in the woods, baking cookies and singing in the shower. She hopes to learn how to be an environmental activist during Climate Summer! Lilyanna is outgoing and loves adventures. In her spare time, she works on painting and drawing and other miscellaneous art projects in hopes to someday sell her artwork. Random Fact #3: She has a cat named Phatty.

Sara Mitsinikos, Maine Team Media Coordinator

Sara Mitsinikos is from Long Island New York. She’s a rising sophomore at Wheaton College in Massachussetts. Although her major is undecided, she is considering a double major in Hispanic Studies and Environmental Science. She enjoys Ultimate Frisbee, knitting and outdoors activities like snowboarding and hiking. She is getting involved in starting up an on- campus farm and is involved in the Real Food Movement at Wheaton. She is super excited to be part of the Climate Summer team and help move toward a more sustainable future.

Trevor Culhane, Maine Team Media Coordinator

Trevor Culhane is a rising sophomore at Brown University. He is interested in studying public policy and environmental science. He grew up in Los Angeles, CA. In his free time, he enjoys surfing, mountain biking, reading, and juggling. Besides academics, he volunteers in a civics and social activism program for high school students and works on climate issues in Rhode Island. As a West Coast native, Trevor is looking forward to learning more about the New England area, which should help him in his efforts to change the political climate in Rhode Island.

Massachusetts Team 2012

Aaron Morales, New Media Coordinator, Massachusetts Team

Aaron is an English Education major at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Fredonia. Considering that his childhood consisted of city streets and isolated trees, Aaron fell in love with the beauty of unadulterated nature and wishes to preserve it for future generations, and became inspired to join the environmental movement. Since then, he has engaged and organized many events with the Campus Climate Challenge of SUNY Fredonia.  Aside from his activism, Aaron loves to garden, swim, and practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Aaron’s ride this summer was sponsored by generous contributions by the following individuals:

Sherri Mason
Margaret Marquez
Terrance Mosher
Sarah Sorci
Craig Altemose

Andrew Nguyen, Massachusetts Team Video Coordinator

Andrew is a rising Sophomore at Brandeis University, MA. While still Undecided, he plans to major in Sociology with minors in Social Justice and Social Policy and Peace, Conflict, and Coexistence Studies. He is tired of the lack of urgency within the political system in responding to climate change. Putting his money where his mouth is, Andrew wants to siphon his time and energy into the fight against corporate control of government and our livelihood. Other than biking (duh!), Andrew enjoys photography, yoga, meditation, playing the ukulele, and singing in a godawful voice. He is from Bensalem, a suburb outside of Philadelphia, PA.

Andrew’s ride this summer has been sponsored by the generous support of:

Carol Vu
Phuong Chung
Craig Altemose

Becky Palermo, Massachusetts Team Media Coordinator

Becky Palermo hails from West Springfield, Massachusetts. She just finished her junior year studying politics at UMass Amherst. Outside of class and her job at a local grocery store, she enjoys baking things with chocolate and peanut butter, being “one of those crazy feminists,” and singing off key to folk music. She is particularly interested in the intersection of politics, economics, and the environment. She is psyched to spend the summer outside biking and becoming more involved in the environmental movement.

Emily Edgerly, Massachusetts Team Outreach Coordinator

Emily, from Lexington MA, is a rising sophomore at Tufts University. She is planning to double major in Environmental Studies and Economics. She loves the outdoors- hiking, running and skiing whenever she has chance. So spending the summer biking and gaining firsthand experience with environmental activism is exactly where she wants to be. When not in the outdoors you’ll most likely find Emily singing, reading, baking, or hear her laughing from miles away. She can’t wait to meet all her fellow riders and make an impact this summer!

Julia Barnes, Massachusetts Team Video Co-Coordinator

Julia is from a small town in southern Maine. She is a rising senior at Wake Forest University, majoring in Chinese Language and Culture with a minor in Environmental Studies. After graduating next spring she hopes to work with an environmental organization that has a focus in China. When not studying Mandarin, Julia enjoys reading, listening to music and dancing with her Korean hip-hop group. She joined Climate Summer with the desire of actively helping to seek local solutions to the current climate crisis.

Murtaza Nek, Massachusetts Team Program Coordinator

Murtaza is a Muslim environmentalist originally from South Florida. He graduated from MIT in 2009 having studied Math and Physics, tutored for a while thereafter, and now is presently working on a farm in Texas. He finds that a person’s concern for the Earth follows naturally from knowledge of what we’ve done and are doing to it as well as from the moral imperative to take responsibility as stewards of our only home. While Murtaza is disturbed by the irreversible damage humans have done to the biosphere, he’s also concerned that mankind as a whole might give up on halting runaway climate change without putting up a real fight. Nonetheless he’s generally chill and enjoys math, science, history, soccer, feeding and training the farm’s pet lamb, and various other things generally understood to be fun. He made this up while in the process of trying to figure out what to write up for his profile statement, and thought you might like to read it:

Could climate change?
Look, listen! Lo,
Indeed it is.
May mankind’s might
Actualize an alternative
To this tentative
Eventuality: Earth’s end

New Hampshire Team 2012

Ann DeSanctis, New Hampshire Team Program Coordinator

Ann DeSanctis was born and raised in Louisville, KY or, as she likes to refer to it, “the North of the South”.  For college she, coincidentally, toured the U.S.’ Commonwealths; She started at UMass Amherst, worked her way down to the University of Richmond in Virginia, and then settled down at the University of Kentucky (UK) in Lexington, KY.  At UK, Ann majored in Geography with minors in Anthropology and International Studies, which led her to began her journey towards more sustainable living starting with an internship at the on-campus bicycle shop.  It was love at first ride and Ann continued to explore different paths to sustainability.  Since graduation Ann worked on an organic CSA farm, as an intern for the Education Division at National Geographic, and, most recently, as a Green Cities Fellow for the Student Conservation Association in Pittsburgh.  Ann is greatly looking forward to exploring New England this summer and, as fellow Kentuckian John Jacob Niles once did, she plans to “wonder as she wanders”.

Anna Larson, New Hampshire New Media Coordinator

Anna is a rising sophomore at Carleton College in Northfield, MN, but she is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. She’s not sure what she wants to study but is interested in environmental studies and food production. She is an intern with a local farm in Northfield and is discovering the joy of helping plants grow. She can’t wait for all of the interesting people she will meet this summer and is excited to take action against fossil fuels. In her free time, she enjoys running in Carleton’s Arboretum and baking yummy vegan food.

Hillary Bernhardt, New Hampshire Team Video Coordinator

Hillary Bernhardt is currently fulfilling her dream of a higher education at Sarah Lawrence College. While at school, she likes to fill her brain with subjects including  feminist critical development geography, creative writing, and environmental science. Her spirit animals are a coyote and a skunk. She is a fan of rooftops and gardens, but she particularly enjoys rooftop gardens. Her hobbies include dancing until the sun rises (and then some more), sprinkling her friends with fairy dust, making bracelets, illuminating her chakras, crystal healing, attending music festivals, and spreading knowledge concerning environmental and social justice in unique and abstract forms. She is excited to take on government subsidized deadly energy and promote the usage of cleaner alternative energies. 

Morgan Putnam Foster, New Hampshire Team Outreach Coordinator

Morgan graduated from Wheaton College (Massachusetts) in May 2012 with a double major in Psychology and Anthropology.  This August she will begin the application process for graduate programs in Public Health.  Morgan loves the outdoors, exercise, travel and adventures! She also loves people – Morgan has worked in the same ocean-side restaurant for the past eight years.  What she is most excited about is getting to know a team of people who are all interested in the same thing – a proactive future.

Olivia Cook, New Hampshire Team Media Coordinator

 Olivia Cook is a current sophomore studying Anthropology and International Relations at beautiful Eckerd College in St. Pete, Florida. Like many of her fellow riders, she harbors a deep love for humanity and the environment. She is blessed to see the world as created by a loving God and is committed to seeking love and justice in everything she does. Fueled by these convictions (not fossilized organic matter of old!), she is participating in Climate Summer in order to learn how to move people towards a world in which love, justice, sustainability, and creation care are celebrated rather than diminished in favor of profit and greed. She enjoys spending her free time constantly being challenged by her loving boyfriend, goofing off with her sisters, reading, cooking, philosophizing, and riding Francois (her faithful steed…..err, bike). Oh yeah, and she is from Lakeland, Florida.  

Team RiConn 2012

Alivia Ashenfarb, RiConn Team New Media Coordinator

Alivia Ashenfarb is a rising junior at Boston University studying Political Science and Journalism. A native New Yorker who is falling more in love with Boston each year, she is stoked to travel and engage with more New England communities this summer. Inspired by books like Silent Spring and The Ecology of Commerce, her environmental science and journalism professors, and grassroots and student organizations, she believes in learning and sharing what she learns (especially if it involves the environment, government and tasty recipes) with friends new and old. An occasional ballroom dancer, frequent reader and writer, and lover of garlic, lemons, and barbecues, she is ready to bike for change and have a fun and refreshing summer!

Dan Blaustein-Rejto, RiConn Team Outreach Coordinator

Dan Blaustein-Rejto is an environmental and food justice activist, bicycle promoter, writer, vegetarian, gardener, and once-in-a-while designer. In his free time, he enjoys cooking new foods, finding beautiful swimming holes, learning new games and talking about film. He graduated from Brown University this past May and is eagerly awaiting the summer while exploring anew his tiny and unreasonably famous hometown of Woodstock, NY. While at college, he helped organize events and programs to foster discussion among diverse groups of people, and hopes to continue doing so through Climate Summer. And, of course, he can’t wait to explore the sublime New England region, meet incredible people everywhere he goes, and write all about it!

Jayson Castillo, RiConn Team Video Coordinator

Jayson Castillo is from Long Island New York and is currently studying music at the State University of New York at Fredonia. Aside from music Jayson also enjoys taking one too many English classes, gender studies, history, organizing, literary criticism, film, and most of all connecting with those around him. He hopes to take the lessons and skills that he will acquire throughout this program and bring them back home to the inner-city communities which he grew up in.”

Kristy Choi, RiConn Team Outreach Coordinator

Kristy Choi is a rising sophomore at Brown University, where she is studying History and Literary Arts.  She believes in looking at the environment through the lens of a social justice activist, and is thrilled to work with her team of passionate Climate Summer interns to address issues of environmental injustice.  In her free time, she enjoys being a vegetarian–arugula is her favorite vegetable–and making music.  And on that note (pun intended), she leaves you with some words from her favorite musician, Joni Mitchel: “Don’t it always seem to go/That you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone/They paved paradise/And put up a parking lot”.  She will be singing this song in her head (and likely out loud at times…) while biking this summer!

Sally Holmes, RiConn Team Media Coordinator

Sally comes from Prairie Village, Kansas, and has spent the past three years studying Environmental Policy and Philosophy at Colby College in Waterville, Maine. She fills up her time these days by playing tennis for the Mules, fencing, dancing, quilting, working for Colby’s Environmental Coalition, mentoring seventh grade girls, and thinking about her gorgeous cat, Gypsy (who resides in Kansas). Sally loves Zanzibar, the ocean, and competitive eating. This summer, Sally is thrilled to build connections with different communities and fight climate change!

Sally’s ride this summer was sponsored by generous contributions by the following individuals:

Stuart and Jan Munro
Kathryn and Edward Ellerbeck
Marianne Notley
Richard Holmes
Ann Areson
Robert and Teresa Holmes
AJ LoScalzo
Ruth Braham
Craig Altemose

Xhoana Ahmeti, RiConn Team Program Coordinator

 Xhoana Ahmeti is committed

to being a lifelong learner

to creating community

to caring for ecological systems–

which enable socio-

       economic and

       political systems–

to laughing

to living her values

to making meals and music

to sharing stories

to supporting people power

to understanding perspectives

to working with local leaders.

She lives in Woodstock, Illinois and attends DePaul University in Chicago. 

Team Vermont 2012

Anna Kruseman, Vermont Team Media Coordinator

Anna is a Dutch national, who has just finished her bachelor’s degree with a major in math and physics, wanting to continue in climate related physics at Utrecht University. She likes being outdoors, and undertaking activities ranging from cycling to her classes to taking pictures of small insects. In the holidays she likes to help her parents in their vegetable garden or take long hikes through the national park that boarders their backyard. When the weather does not allow this, she likes cooking and baking, from scones with homemade jam to fresh tomato soup with olive bread. Because she comes from a country with more bicycles than people she would like to pass on this spirit during the Climate Summer Program.

Emma John, Vermont Outreach Coordinator

Emma grew up on Mount Desert Island, Maine, home of Acadia National Park. Growing up in such a beautiful environment has instilled in her a love of the outdoors and of our beautiful home the earth. After graduating from high school in 2009 Emma took a year before attending university to travel. During this year she taught English to Buddhist monks in Laos and worked on several organic farms throughout Europe. In pursuit of more knowledge and adventures Emma is now entering into her third year at the University of St Andrews in Scotland studying Social Anthropology. Emma hopes that through participating in Climate Summer she will be able to spread the love of our earth and help preserve its hospitality for all its inhabitants for centuries to come.

Lily Gutterman, Vermont Team New Media Coordinator

Originally from New York, Lily is an undergraduate at Brown University studying biology, anthropology, development, literature and whatever else she can find room for in her schedule. She is passionate about many environmental, health, and social justice issues. In her spare time she enjoys reading, running, spending time with friends, traveling and being outdoors. Lily can’t wait to start biking for Climate Summer, and is thankful for the opportunity to work with such progressive community leaders and students!

Monique Gallant

Monique hails from the Great White North and grew up with the Atlantic Ocean as her backyard. She is basically a stereotypical Canadian; she loves playing, coaching, and watching hockey. The sport led her to pursue high school and college in the U.S. She completed her B.A. in Biology at the College of the Holy Cross in 2011 and is currently attempting to navigate the real world. She joined Climate Summer with a desire to raise awareness and effect tangible change in order to preserve the environment. In her free time she enjoys hiking, rugby, and exploring random windy back roads.

Shea Riester, Vermont Team Video Coordinator

Shea hails from New York City, but at the moment prefers life on the farm.  This past May he had the privilege to graduate from Brandeis University with a degree in Sociology and Film.  Shea’s proudest moments include helping to organize the Occupy Wall Street movement at it’s inception and participating in the national mobilization to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline.  He is deeply passionate about building more peaceful, equitable, and sustainable communities that live in greater harmony with all life on Earth.   He feels we must use non-violent social action now to prevent the potentially irreversible destruction of our planet, and is ready to do whatever necessary for a more just and sustainable future for all. 

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